BETESDA: Medical Project

According to the report of the Afrobarometer survey in Madagascar in 2018, half of Malagasy people do not have access to a health center in their locality or within walking distance because of the increase in the price of care and the distance between their homes and the health center.

It is to solve this problem that the Betesda medical project exists. We want to give quality but free care to the population far from health infrastructure.

Health care for all

Since the creation of this project in 2021, more than 2000 Malagasy citizens have been treated free of charge in more than 10 regions of Madagascar.

With this project, we want to reach the 23 regions of the Big Island to give free care to poor people and those who are in isolated places far from health infrastructures.

In partnership with several schools, we also want to raise awareness among students about hygiene and different diseases.

Thank you to all our partners for being part of this project!