Traveling 878 Km to treat 380 people.

Traveling 878 Km to treat 380 people.

📆On March 30 to April 4, despite the poor quality of the road to the eastern part of the Big Island, the BETESDA mobile clinic was still sent there for a campaign of free care, particularly in the villages of Tananambo, Brickaville, Anjiro, Amboasary and Antsampanana .

🎯The objective was to help the poorest populations who do not have access to basic health services.

✔In total, more than 380 people were treated free of charge.

🩺The most frequent pathologies were arterial hypertension, dental diseases, respiratory infections, skin diseases, intestinal parasites and visual disturbances.

🙏❤This humanitarian operation was made possible thanks to the financial and logistical support of several foreign and local partners, in particular Pastor Ciprian Bârsan, the Daniel Hada family and the Ministry of Public Health of Madagascar.

🙏🥰The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the doctors and the organizers, who contributed to improving their quality of life.

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