#13 Lives Transformed: “Jeremy, from despair to hope”

#13 Lives Transformed: “Jeremy, from despair to hope”

👦Jeremy lived with us for more than a year, in a small house in our yard. We have known him for almost 10 years.

Since he was a child he lives with his older brother and his father. A father who loves his children but who fell for many years in the passion of alcohol.😥

👦Jeremy was “Filip’s older brother”, he always played with him and our little boy always left the house to bring food to Jeremy and Ben.

Now he’s a 15-year-old trying to be a good kid. His father has not been able to support his family for many years. Several times I thought he would die of cirrhosis (he weighs 34 kg) but God gave him a few more days.

🥰What amazed me about this little boy and still amazes me is that he never left his father even for a night. Even if he had to sleep on the floor in a coop, or hadn’t eaten in days, he was always there to take care of his drunk or sick father. And when I took him to the hospital, he was there with him, sleeping on the floor on a mat.

🥰We are close to these boys and we are constantly sending them help so that they have a place to live, food and can still go to school.

🙏I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who have been with them throughout the 10 years and thus we can change the lives of these teenagers.
Continue to pray for them that God will touch their heart and have a real encounter with the Lord.


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