“Betesda Mobile Medical Clinic: Bridging Healthcare Gaps in Madagascar Amidst Persistent Poverty”

“Betesda Mobile Medical Clinic: Bridging Healthcare Gaps in Madagascar Amidst Persistent Poverty”

🔴The right to health is a fundamental right for every human being, according to article 25 of the 1958 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, in Madagascar 46.20% of the population died of communicable diseases in 2016; 43.20% died of non-communicable diseases. In 2018, the neonatal mortality rate was 20.60%. Life expectancy in 2023 for a Malagasy man is around 61 years, and 65 for a woman. Finally, there are 1,428 doctors on the island, representing 8.6 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants in urban areas (for comparison: approx. 1 doctor per 320 inhabitants in Switzerland). This figure falls to 1 doctor per 35,000 inhabitants in rural areas. The situation is similar for nurses: 3088 or 18.7 per 100,000 inhabitants (in Switzerland, 1 nurse per 125 inhabitants). There are 2 hospital beds per 10,000 inhabitants.

🔴Because of persistent poverty, which is expected to reach 80.2% in 2023 on the Big Island, the majority of the Malagasy population cannot afford to pay for a doctor, given that most of them eat only one meal a day. Many villages are hemmed in by mountains, hills and forests, far from health centers. And to reach a health center, which is even rarer, they have to walk for hours and days on end with the only means of transport they have: their feet.

🔴The Betesda mobile medical clinic project was created to solve these problems beyond all possibilities. Since its launch in 2021, the Betesda mobile clinic has covered thousands of kilometers and treated over 5,000 Malagasy patients free of charge. This is possible because there are people with hearts in their hands who give their bread in exchange for a few medicines to treat a Malagasy patient!

🔴You too can save a life by offering just the price of a loaf of bread to a human being just like you.

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