Changing destiny: The little-known story of Madagascar’s children.

Changing destiny: The little-known story of Madagascar’s children.

In the midst of a country rich in natural beauty, lies a desolate story, with protagonists unjust from birth.
😥These souls are born into an environment of extreme poverty and severe scarcity, where access to education, nutrition and healthcare are more unattainable dreams.

😥Every day brings with it an uphill battle for survival and love.
Nevertheless, the children of Madagascar are an incredible example of resilience and the will to succeed. These children with their big smiles and inquisitive eyes are not only survivors, but also hopefuls for change.
They live in another universe, in which childhood and innocence are stolen and replaced by worry, hunger and insecurity.

✅With your gifts, we can give a chance to a better future and a childhood worthy of its name.
So let’s turn our faith, compassion and empathy into real action.
God is the father of orphans and he will take care of them, but he wants to use you to be a change-maker, be part of this blessing!

For some children the journey has begun, but can we change the childhood of others?
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