Mobile clinic Betesda: summoned by Moramanga prison!

Mobile clinic Betesda: summoned by Moramanga prison!

📆From June 19 to 21, 2023, the Betesda mobile clinic was called in by the Ministry of Justice to help prisoners in Moramanga prison by providing free medical care.
Moramanga is a town around 120 km from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

🎯To get to Moramanga, the Betesda mobile clinic has to cross several villages isolated from medical centers. These include the village of Marovohitra, where 43 people received free medical care. The main illnesses diagnosed in this village were high blood pressure, dental ailments, asthma and influenza.

🚩The next village after Marovohitra was Moramanga, where there was a prison.
The case of the prisoners in this prison is very critical, as almost half of them are all suffering from severe malnutrition, as they have no family to bring them food on a daily basis because they come from the Anosibe Anala district, which is about 71 km from Moramanga.
As a result, we left several boxes of medicines there and carried out a free consultation for 33 prisoners affected by specific illnesses in order to help the prison infirmary.

🚩After Moramanga prison, still on the second day of the medical trip, the Betesda mobile clinic team went to Ambodiakatra, a village about 5 km from Moramanga. There, we were able to treat 44 people free of charge. The main illnesses diagnosed in the village were high blood pressure, eye disease and influenza.

🚩On the third and final day of the medical mission, the Betesda mobile clinic went to Sabotsy Anjiro, a rural commune.
There, 72 people received free treatment. The illnesses diagnosed that generally affected the villagers of Sabotsy Anjiro were hypertension.

🚑In all the places where the Betesda mobile clinic went, there were always more people wanting to be treated, but because of the lack of time and the limitation of medicines, we had to impose a maximum number of patients to be treated.

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