DIDASKO: 45 children were supported in Antsirabe and Manandona.

DIDASKO: 45 children were supported in Antsirabe and Manandona.

✔In Antsirabe and Manandona we have two works where we support 45 children in approximately the same way: with school fees, supplies, after-school classes and clothing, shoes periodically, and in some cases with food.

📍In Manandona we work together with Mrs. Soa Fara, whom we encouraged to continue our project Didasko from Antsirabe.

🙏Through you, we support 35 children at school with school fees, supplies, clothes and regular rice, especially since the crisis period is strongly felt here. Not only do the children go to a school in the commune – quite far away – about 7 km on foot there and back, but in the “tent” or “canopy” they have built, covered with reeds, we support 4 teachers led by Ms. Fara, who offers after-school classes for many more children two days a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

📚We helped Ms. Fara with some books so she could set up a small library. She also had small regular prayer and Bible study meetings with the villagers.

✔In Antsirabe we support 10 children completely, with school fees, supplies and we enrolled them in the after-school group that we encouraged Denisa and Tabita to open, as a continuation of the work we started. In addition, we support the meals for these children, and weekly they receive rice from us through our missionary friends.

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