Leprosarium of Manakavaly: 14 families socially supported.

Leprosarium of Manakavaly: 14 families socially supported.

Today we left at 8:30 a.m. with a small part of our “Joy4Madagascar” team to Manakavaly, in the mountains, to the Leprosy Center, linked to the local Hospital, and we returned at 6:00 p.m., having a hard and busy day of work.

Pastor Louis from the FJKM Protestant Church, who lives in the mountains in Manakavaly, is collaborating with us on this project. He is the spiritual “father”, counselor and man of encouragement for these families that have one or two people who have been touched by leprosy. He takes care of the church in the village, but also includes those who are sick and marginalized because of this disease, which causes them to be seen as “cursed”.

Today, we only met the sick families affected by leprosy (14 families) and we served them by encouragement in:

1- sermons – (Saitis Marcel and Andry), singing – (Andry and 3 girls from the team: Njara, Vony and Fandresena);
2- the Food and things useful for the hygiene of their families;

Other times we also met with the more than 80 children from the local Primary School, but today we dedicated it only to the sick persons.

Be our partners in this life-changing project!

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