“120 lives transformed: the humanitarian and spiritual action of the Fifaliana Indray association in Arivonimamo”.

“120 lives transformed: the humanitarian and spiritual action of the Fifaliana Indray association in Arivonimamo”.

🚑The Fifaliana Indray association recently led a humanitarian initiative in Arivonimamo, combining medical aid with spiritual sharing within the local community. Using its Betesda medical bus, the association was able to offer essential medical care to 120 people, while including a dimension of moral and spiritual support through the transmission of the gospel.

🤝This unique project combined physical help with a more holistic approach, taking into account the overall well-being of beneficiaries. The association’s teams offered medical consultations, adapted treatments and in-depth examinations on board the Betesda medical bus, while sharing messages of hope and comfort from the Gospel with those who wished to receive them.

🤝The integrated approach of this humanitarian mission had a profound impact on the people of Arivonimamo, offering both physical relief and spiritual inspiration. The patients treated and cared for free of charge received warm, personalized attention, combining medical expertise with spiritual compassion to meet their deepest needs.

🤝Over and above the care provided, listening and sharing humanistic and spiritual values have created an even stronger bond between the Fifaliana Indray association and the Arivonimamo community. This synergy between medical assistance and the transmission of the Gospel has strengthened the bonds of solidarity and empathy, offering beneficiaries comprehensive and truly benevolent assistance.

✅In short, the initiative of the Fifaliana Indray association in Arivonimamo, combining the use of the Betesda medical bus and the transmission of the gospel, represents an edifying example of how humanitarian aid can take various forms to meet the multiple needs of a population. Thanks to this inclusive and all-encompassing approach, 120 people were treated, cared for and comforted, in a spirit of solidarity and support that was both physical and spiritual.

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